Give Yourself Exactly What You Need

You have everything you need right now.  You may not realize it but it’s true the less you look to the future for happiness the more you will appreciate how blessed you are now.

This moment will pass possibly before you have time to appreciate it.

Savour it now.  Believe in yourself now.  Completely love yourself, your surroundings, and the people you have in your life now.  They will not always be there and you will not always be here.

As I have said before – life is but a few deep breaths.  Be sure to make those deep breaths ones filled with gratitude and love.

Forgive.  Forgive people now.  Forgive yourself now.  You can only be truly present when your heart is open and welcoming to people and places.

The only thing you will ever need is an open heart.  Choose to have an open heart and you will walk with joy running through your veins and gratitude beating in your heart.

You will never feel more beautiful than when you give yourself everything you need. LOVE.