Clean Slate

It’s time — now more than ever — to let go and to give YOURSELF and others a clean slate.

Give yourself a blank canvas to try again.  

Give yourself a first time again.

How many times have you begun a new, healthier eating lifestyle with a pizza cloud hanging over your head of what you ate yesterday or last week?  You can never truly try anything new if you’re cloaked in yesterday’s thoughts and actions.

Don’t let anything define you except this moment.  

How are you acting, feeling, and moving this moment?  You can give yourself a pure white canvas each day in your heart and mind.  Feeling free from the shame of shoulds or coulds is like unpinning your wings.


Feel fresh and new each day to try.  Don’t sabotage your success today with the failures of yesterday.  Embrace  yourself, others, and TODAY with an open heart and a blank canvas.

We all deserve to be NEW . . . whether it is a diet, or a relationship, or simply your relationship with yourself.  

Create something beautiful each day when you work, when you play, or simply when you love with a clean heart.  You have the power to have F.U.N each day and feel alive and fresh, loving, and sparkling new . . . and if you don’t do it for others, then do it for you.


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