You better give YOURSELF an AWARD

We clap and awe at celebrities that receive awards yearly.  We are impressed, inspired, and moved by them.  We revere whom they are and how far they have come. We applaud their journey, but what if — we did that for ourselves, for our family, and for our friends?  How amazing would it feel to stand with humble honor and joyous pride at how far we have come and whom we are right now!  So I say adorn your heart with a golden acceptance and an unwavering strength to stand in your own skin this moment . . . and say . . . I WIN!  I am going to jump around and dance and laugh and give a thousand-watt-lit smile TODAY, because I deserve to feel phenomenal right this second!  This world does not have to dictate who wins to you, who succeeds, and how they succeeded.  You better give YOURSELF an AWARD.  You are amazing!  Your kindness can do great things!  Your tiny moments of shared love can change the path of someone’s life for the better.  Never doubt your worth or significance, because your simple laughter lights someone’s world — your mother’s world, your friend’s, and even the sweet lady at the grocery store. You simply have no idea the impact that your dear heart has.  So the next time you watch an award show or applaud a celebrity, don’t forget . . . yourself.  Oh! and I must say congrats on your award today!


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