“Frankly, my Dear . . . give a damn!”

Forget about your audience.  You have none, but one . . . YOU.  If you want to try something new, don’t think, “what will so and so think?”  You are your only audience.  I promise you, in the whole scheme of things as loving as people can be —they don’t care.  People don’t care what you do, or how you do it.  They are not judging you, they are judging themselves. People are too busy deciding if they are doing their own thing right.  Nobody can help it, it is a natural tendency to be selfish.  People are designed to take care of themselves, survival of the fittest, dog eat dog, maybe not that intense . . . but, it’s true. They love you, but they don’t care.  It’s up to you to care, to try, to “Frankly, my dear . . .give a damn!”  You are on the face of this earth for just a bit of time.  Live like you don’t have an audience if you fail, or succeed.  It’s up to you to dream, to try, to fail, and to keep going until you have everything that you dream — or at least enjoy the journey of working for it.  The audience is empty, you are center stage, and the lights are warm and softly spotted on you . . . you can sit there and wait, or dance for YOU!


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