Beauty is Innocent and Gentle

I was recently contemplating what makes a baby so beautiful.  Yes, there are so many ways to answer this question, but the most obvious to me is how they are innocent and gentle.  What is the definition of gentle?  Well, gentle is defined as “considerate or kindly in disposition, amiable, not harsh or severe, soothing, mild and soft.”  A baby is so gentle that his or her very presence alters the state of almost every person he or she encounters.  People stop and soften their countenance in awe of the beauty of such gentle innocence.  Their faces soften in expression, and a warmth of reverence is apparent.  I believe our beauty as humans lives in gentle innocence.  We find that the truest love is beautiful, and the truest loves are not of lust or harshness; they are innocent, true and gentle.  Where you long to treat the other with a tenderness that makes the other feel safe,secure and serene.  Those are the awe inspiring loves — where kindness holds you softly, and you are at peace with a simple moment.  That is true gentility. Love is innocent and gentle.  Alas, you are met with beauty when in a state of love.  It cannot be denied.  You are overflowing with beauty for the world to feel and see.  You smile more, you greet others with a kinder “hello,” and you are peacefully present.  Therefore, in your purity of heart and soul you are innocent and gentle.  You are living . . . beauty.


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