I hope you enjoy it

I am learning more than ever the importance of enjoying it — enjoying anything and everything!  I have come across people that enjoy nothing, people that enjoy some things, and that magical unicorn of a person that enjoys . . . everything!  I dare say, that, my friend . . . is my goal.  I don’t want to fumble into each day and randomly or mechanically do things.  I want to live my life fully and to feel things with a fantastic joy!  When we were children we found joy and fun at every moment with anything.  Each moment was another chance to play.  It is so important to find the humor in things, and in the humor you find the joy!  The sands of time fall like a waterfall of opportunity begging you to enjoy each second.  The clock is tick- tocking “thank you,” and your soul is waiting to be free with a smile — with a laugh.  So whatever you do,try — just try — to enjoy it.  If you’re cleaning the house, turn on your favorite music and have a few dance breaks.  If you’re cooking dinner, turn on some Frank Sinatra, fill up a wine glass with your drink of choice, oh! and light a candle.  Life is but a few deep breaths. Why not enjoy it?


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