Impress yourself

There is no better time to knock your own socks off! Impress yourself.  Do something new.  Try something outside of the box.  Be bold and brave, but mostly have F.U.N. When you’re older than dirt and rocking in a rocking chair, when you’re looking back on your life, what will make you smile?  What can you do that will make you feel alive and inspired?  Give yourself credit. Don’t say no before you say yes! You will never be more capable or ready than right . . . now.  I’m so excited for you!  I believe in you!  Now follow your dreams.  Lead with love, and live without fear.  No one will judge you, because they are too busy judging themselves.  Be the light you need now.  Go BUCK WILD! Do what you’ve been thinking about for ages . . . right . . . now.



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